2016 Celebrations around the World

Get rich and rare info about 2016 celebrations around the world; info is also given for the happiest celebration of diverse Indian and global festivals.

Avail very useful, interesting, and unique information about various festivals, holidays, celebrations, and worldwide destinations for holidays and celebrations on ours this globally reputed and reliable website. We have been providing generously rich, varied, and the latest information every year about these grand events, for over a decade, with a view to help people of the world over in celebrating their holidays and festivals every new year with renewed festivity and greater joy, in order to make the same immensely pleasing, refreshing, and memorable. On this very webpage, being provided is just brief information regarding some of the most popular and significant festivals, holidays, and celebrations in India and countries worldwide in the year 2016.

In every coming new year, the following are the most popular, exciting, and significant festivals and events in India and countries all across the whole world ---- New Year's Eve and New Year Celebrations; Lohri and Makar Sankranti; Valentine's Day; Holi; Easter Sunday; Dussehra; Halloween; Karva Chauth; Diwali (Festival of Lights); many religious and festive festivals and events in individual countries of the world over; and Christmas. Very informative, enlightening, and useful pieces of information about each of these festivals and events, and colorful and satisfying celebration of these festivals, are provided responsibly in ours this one of the most popular and globally famous websites of India dedicated exclusively to festivals and celebrations of entire year.

The New Year celebrations are generally made twice by the majority of people worldwide. The first celebration of New Year is generally enjoyed on December 31st or January 01, every year. And, the second celebration of the New Year is performed on the very starting day or date of every new year on different Calendars used in countries worldwide. For example, on the Indian national Calendar (or Saka Calendar, sometimes also referred to as Hindu calendar), the new year is celebrated on the very first day/date of the Hindu month Chaitra, which usually occurs at the end of February or early March of the Gregorian Calendar. In some parts of India, this occasion is also celebrated as Holi (Festival of Colors). In 2016, Holi will be flung on March 23. Lohri and Makar Sankranti are generally celebrated on January 13 and January 14 every year. The Valentine's Day celebrated on February 14 every year is a great and ever becoming popular festival of lovers as well as spouses. Easter or Easter Sunday is the most sacred festival of Christians of the world over, which will be observed on March 27 (for Western Christians) and May 01 (for Orthodox Christians) in the year 2016. Halloween is one of the most popular and exciting festivals in the majority of Western and European countries, and is celebrated wearing scary clothes and masks on October 31, every year. Again, Karva Chauth is one of the most auspicious festivals for married women in India, which will be observed on October 19 in the year 2016. The festival of lights and firecrackers, Diwali is gaining grounds in many countries of the world, in addition to being celebrated very enthusiastically in India and neighboring countries; in 2016, this Diwali will be lit and enjoyed on October 30. Dussehra, one of the most sacred festivals of the Hindu, will be celebrated on October 11, 2016. Lastly, the most cheerful, popular, and glamorous festival of over 400 million Christians of the world over, Christmas will be celebrated on 25th December 2016 (by Western Christians) and 7th January 2017 (by Orthodox Christians). Every member of our service organization extends hearty wishes for an unusually bright and the happiest celebration of every festival in the year 2016!