St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is One of the supreme Irish festivals, this Irish holiday celebrated all about the world to honor the patron saint of Ireland. It's one of the major celebrated religious numbers around the world. The day is a countrywide holiday of Ireland: it is a bank holiday in Northern Ireland and a society holiday in the Republic of Ireland.

Sumptuous feasts, green clothes, frothy delights, joyous merrymaking with associates and relatives - all are parts of this grand occassion.

St. Patrick's Day Gift

Saint Patrick's Day mammoth Fortune Cookie is a perfect way to send them some Luck 'o the Irish and some good luck too! This Giant Fortune Cookie is hand-dipped in your choice of fine Belgian Chocolates- Dark, Milk or White- or rich golden Caramel- it's nearly the size of a football and contains a 1-ft-long fortune with your personalized message inside.Embellished with sweet hand-crafted Royal Icing Decorations, and assorted Non-Pariels and Shamrock Sprinkles, each cookie.

St. Patrick's Day T-Shirts

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