Massive Celebrations Now To Come in 2015!

Now, we are standing on the threshold of the last quarter of the year 2015, and are busy in making preparations for celebrating the rest of the festivals coming up soon in this year. In order to make your festivals more happy, bright, and reviving, we are here to help you with all you ever need to make these so.

Now, the most popular and significant festivals to come in the year 2015 are the following --- Dussehra; Halloween; Karva Chauth; Diwali; and Christmas. This webpage offers information about the dates and importance of these festivals only. More getting information regarding the history of these Indian and global festivals, the ways of celebration of these, decorations needed for celebrating each of these famous festivals, gifts to be presented during these festivals, popular food recipes used in each of these festivals, etc., please bother to read relevant web-pages of this globally popular and reliable website of India on festivals and celebrations occurring all round the year.

Dussehra is one of the most popular, cheerful, and sacred festivals of India for Hindus; this will be celebrated on October 22 in the year 2015. Halloween is now one of the biggest festivals in the majority of Western and European countries, and is commonly celebrated on October 31 every year, wearing scary clothes and deadly facemasks. Again, Karva Chauth is one of the most cherished and popular Indian festivals for married women; in the year 2015, this movable festival will be celebrated on October 30. After these, comes the festival of lights and firecrackers, Diwali or Deepavali. In the year 2015, Diwali will be enjoyed on November 11 in India. And, then comes the greatest and most popular festival of over 400 million Christians of the world over, Christmas. Full of cheers and optimism, Christmas will be celebrated on 25th December 2015 and 7th January 2016 by the Western and Orthodox Christians, respectively. We offer heartiest best wishes for all celebrations 2015 to Indian and global people!

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