Harvest Celebrations

A harvest festival is a yearly celebration which comes around the time of the main harvest of a given region. Harvest Festival is a festival of the food grown on the ground. Harvest carnivals are usually held on or near the Sunday of the Harvest Moon. Harvest Festival remembers of all the superior things God gives them. This makes them want to allocate with others who are not so lucky.

In schools and in Churches, people carry food from home to a Harvest Festival Service. After the service, the food that has been place on show is generally made into parcels and given to people in require.

Harvest Celebrations Around the World

People from different cultures around the world celebrate the gathering of the harvest. Harvest Festivals have been celebrated as long as people have been sowing and gathering food. For Americans, this crop festival is held on the fourth Thursday of November and is called Thanksgiving. This harvest festival is called Succoth In Israel. The celebration lasts for seven days. Jewish families construct outside booths during the Succoth festival.

This harvest celebration is called Pongal in India. Families receive this time to thank all those who have contributed to a successful harvest as well as the gods, the sun and the cattle. In the U.S.A, the Kwanzaa carnival is based on African crop traditions. Meaning of Kwanzaa is first fruits in Swahili. The carnival starts on December 26 and lasts for 7 days. Although the harvest is celebrated differ in different parts of the world, But the theme are equal. The spirit of thanksgiving, the love of family, the value of hard work and the appreciation of the land and supernal powers are found in all cultures.