Canada Day

A nationalized constitutional festive occasion, Canada day is observed every year on equal date, has begun since the year 1867 on July 1st. The date is remain unchanged and secured for only this observance across the nation; the holiday is joined by group of different age with great fervor and ardor. The reason behind the celebrating the day is that the nation was got sovereignty from British ruling and being independent constituent as other European nations. Previously, the day was titled as Dominion Day, but it was modified to its new name as Canada Day in 1982.

Commemorated as "Birthday of Canada", canada day usually hosted by many colonies across the nation and taken partake by great amount of civilization with hopes and passion. The ideas of observing the day was embarked on, when Canada accept its initial constitution on July 1st, 1867 from British Empire and turned into own dominion. From then, 1st July has been celebrated as a federal holiday of the nation and arranged especially numerous outdoor events, such as galas, carnivals, parades, air and maritime shows, fireworks, barbecues and musical show.

Canada Day 2014

July 1, the day here again with opportunity to join the numerous events, to enjoy the weeklong fiesta, canada day 2014 will be fall on Monday. Similarly previous years, celebration in 2014 is also expected as thriving day of commemoration and will take partake by large number of citizens. This year also, numerous colonies and groups are ready with few new and exciting ideas for audience along with preparation of many gala events to celebrate the birthday of Canada.

Fireworks, Carnivals, Parades, Music Concert etc are key part of celebration, managed by different communities in different province, participated by all age group to commemorate the liberty. Canada day 2014 comes 1st July and here in our articles, Canada day celebration ideas help to keep fervor on high.

Canada Day