Chinese Calendar

The Chinese calendar combines the solar cycle that is on yearly basis and lunar cycle that is on monthly basis with each other. Chinese calendar is also linked to the observation of celestial bodies. The calculation is not based on averages but on the accurate astronomical positions of the sun and moon. The lengths of the months are determined by the lunar calendar. The establishment of important seasons depends on the solar calendar. Here, a year from winter solstice to solstice and is called Sui.

A year is divided into 24 year periods. The lunar year is a leap month brought back into line with the solar year and the cycle of the seasons. After a year of lunar solar calendar; New Year's New Year and is called Nian. The establishment of the New Year is based on the tropical solar year and after the new moon at the same time. The Chinese year begins around mid-January to mid-February.

The era of ancient China is a composite of heaven and tribes. The 10 Heavenly Stems are a combination of wood, fire, earth, metal and water, as well as yin and yang. The Earthly Branches are made of 12 zodiac signs. From these two series of 10 or 12 characters by combining a cycle of 60 characters is created. The 60-year cycle was in the 3rd Century introduced and is still observed today. In the Eastern Han Dynasty around 23-220 AD was obtained by the connection of the 12 animals with the 12 zodiac signs so called. These zodiac signs are assigned to individual years and are repeated in a cycle of 12 years. Nowadays, it is still a tradition in China to calculate using zodiac signs and the time a person's age.

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