Leo 2013 Horoscopes

Leo's will have a tough competition with some of the old contenders at workplace in the first half of the year. They may lose patience and move forward towards the negative side to prove themselves correct but an angel may appear in their life to get things corrected and your life on the right track. Great opportunities would be there for you but preparation is needed to grab them away. So, do not wait for the opportunities, get yourself prepared in advance so that you be a strong contender to grab it away.

Work : You are the strongest and most admired at workplace but somewhere in your trait, you are gaining a sense of pride which is declining your importance and likeness in the office. Try your best to be the way you are rather than presuming someone you are actually not. You have great business strategies and skills which will help you make out big from a business project. You will give a big profit to the company in the second half of 2013 for which you may get good appraisals and senior level position.

Love : Do not transform yourself in terms of nature. Your beloved wants you to be the old personality. Money may go and come but the people in your life once go, never come back. You will relaise the importance of your lover in the last few months of the year but overall, it will be an average love life this year. Married ones can plan out a travel to know each other better and create a stronger bond between them.

Family : Wear a birthstone as your anger is causing trouble to the family. Your birthstone is peridot. Stop arguing with elders when you know you are wrong. You are hyper aggressive this year, stay close to nature and real beauty, this will help add a sense of relaxation to your body and mind.

Money: You are most compatible with aries, Sagittarius and leo. Signing deals with people with these sun signs will do wonders to your business and market reputation. Avoid making any investments in the first half of the year. You are responsible but do not hurry in money matters.

Vitality Your profession keeps you busy throughout. Heath problems related to upper back blood, eyes and lungs may trigger you. seek for medicinal advice whenever your body troubles as soon as possible as ignorance can get you in trouble.