Scorpio 2013 Horoscopes

The year 2013 may keep you disturbed. The astral influences indicate the year 2013 arriving with a mixture of ups and downs. Most of the time, you will be emotional but someone really dear to you will always be there to support you throughout good and bad times which will keep you motivated and happy this year. Avoid getting tensed at small situations, remember it is a part of life and without the bad things that happen to you., life won't be interesting to you as you posses one of the most creative and entertaining personality traits within you.

Work : Workplace environment will be very supportive and cheerful to you. Most of the people in your work area will be pleasant with you but you need to a bit careful while you talk as your extravagant nature and talkative behaviour can tease someone badly. When planning to make any changes in relation to office or business, make sure to think enough so that you come out with a right decision. First, complete all the pending work and then begin with the new tasks that come your way otherwise you may be laid down and stressed out with so much of work on your side.

Love : Love is more important to you rather than work and responsibilities this year but your partner wants you to be more responsible in life which can create a sense of anger and discomfort in your love life. The end of the year for your love life will be pleasant for committed couples.

Family : Wear your birthstone. Topaz is your birthstone and will help you relieve from a health problem. You are more prone to anger but your intense, passionate, sharp and astute nature will help you become one of the most loved personalities in the family. You will be most compatible with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces.

Money: You will end up saving a lot for your future but this year, you will prefer more on spending in luxury items. You want your family members and other loved ones to cherish each moment of life pleasantly. Be the way of are, do not end up finalising things just on your decisions. Buying and investing will give good results.

Vitality Energy level will be a bit low in the months of May, June and July but the rest of the year will be smooth and pleasant to you. Health problems related to urethra, and reproductive system may trouble you.