Aquarius 2013 Horoscopes

For Aquarius, life will be a combination of ups and down. Though, the year 2013 will be pretty enjoyable as there are plenty of entertaining stuffs on the list of holidays but at the same time, people born under this zodiac sign are required to pay more attention towards their business or office. Students also need to work really hard this year to score good in their examinations. For elders and old age people, health problems will be at away from you till the mid of this year but by the end of few months, they may experience joint pains and health problems related to infection, viral and bones.

Work : Your work life will improve as you pay more attention towards the pending work. Most of your pending official deals and projects will be completed by the starting few months of the year. An official travel trip abroad is forecasted for some running their business. The trip can only be fruitful if an official partner accompanies you along. Profit at workplace will be seen in terms of promotion, salary increment and goodwill.

Love : Your long time relationship might come to an end if you don't keep an eye over what you speak. Your partner will be supportive in every matter but as soon as you speak rough and tough, your partner, it will take no time to split away. For newly married couples, it is a wonderful year to explore the different cities and countries. This will bring you more closer and help know each other better. You are very creative, so why not plan something really creative for your partner as the first few months of the year 2013 are considered to be auspicious and lucky in love matters.

Family : You might face clashes with Aries, Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo and cancer. Avoid delaying any construction project of home as this is considered a lucky time period for you to begin with. You hate rules and regulations but at some points in life, you need to get over it.

Money: Money is no more a big deal for you now as you have many big budget projects in your hand but the ego inherited in you this year can let you down. Do not expose financial topics in front of anyone.

Vitality The energy sign this year for you is yang. Follow a strict diet if you face any health problems related to legs and ankles. Meditation will play an important role in recovering soon from a tension troubling you from long.