Gemini 2013 Horoscopes

Gemini's it's time for action people. Some interesting projects and activities have been awaiting you since long. Now, it's the right time to begin with and show your potential to everyone not only at work but also among your relatives. You will be high in spirit and very energetic. Romance is in the air but you will find it very difficult to take out time for your love. The end of the year is crucial as the hard work will then lead success and visibility.

Work : You will be very possessive at workspace. Someone at work is hindering your progress and stopping you from leading in your office both in the matters of promotion and job responsibilities but it is advised to not lose your anger and be the way you are. At work, you will see the changes beginning by the month of May. Lady luck is on your side, so do not need to worry anymore.

Love : Venus the planet of love is showering good luck and happiness upon you. Your love life will get more intense when compared to the previous few years. You are an emotional personality which helps you get closer to your partner and understand him/her deeply. Your partner will be caring towards you and no doubt, will expect the same from you. Make sure to spend quality time alone with your love to make a stronger bond.

Family : Your energy sign is yang this year and you will be most compatible with Libra, Aquarius, Gemini and Pisces. You are known as the best communicator, romantic and dreamer and all these qualities add a charm to your personality. People get attracted towards you easily. Family will be supportive this year but an elderly person at your home may experience some serious health problem by the end of 2013.

Money: Profit is on the cards but make sure to avoid making any investment decisions quickly. Think over it and then make investment. Property investments are considered lucky so, avoid any other type of investment in the year 2013. The first few months of the year will bring lots of money to your savings account so make sure to avoid spending an extra amount on unnecessary products and services.

Vitality Health problems related to blood, nervous system, shoulders and lungs may disturb the year 2013 for people born under Gemini sun sign. Keep stress at bay and enjoy to the maximum for a healthy body and mind.