Festivals Around the World

World is full of people having different castes and religion. They have their different traditions and customs. They all celebrate different festivals and this is the main reason we have different festivals around the world to celebrate.

Few festivals are famous around the world. People celebrate these festivals with full of enthusiasm and joy. Christmas carnival, Chinese New Year, Day of the Dead, Diwali, Esala Perahera, Hina Matsuri, Eid ul Fitr, Holi, May Day, Ncwala, Purim, Raksha Bandhan, Saint Lucia, Trung Thu are some popular festivals around the world. Apart from this people enjoy musical festival, beer festival, spring festivals, art and culture festivals, food festivals and many more.

Celebrations Around the World

There are many festivals of different religion in the world. Celebrations around the world fill the atmosphere with joy and fun. People of various cast and religion from all over the world celebrate these festivals together. This gives you chance to explore the new culture and discover new traditions. Talking about India, we have many states and different people of these different states follows different religion this means we have number of festivals to celebrate.

Now, in foreign country people follow western culture and Indian people are also residing there following Indian culture therefore we can say that there are number of festivals around the world to celebrate. Festival celebrations around the world gives you time to get pleasure out of your monotonous work schedule.

Festivals Around the World