Festivals in Germany

Germany is a country filled full of customs and festivals, all year around you will find a opportunity to have enjoyment with the public festivities. The country of Germany is recognized to be a country representing ethnicity and festivals. The most celebrated German festival is definitely the Oktoberfest in Munich, but Carnival and the Christmas fairs are other annual highlights, and take place all around the country. There's also a riches of music festivals , ranging from opera seasons to open-air jazz and rock concerts. The festivals in Germany are celebrated generally during the months of May till September. Various German festivals are :

Oktoberfest - September

Oktoberfest is celebrate in Munich each year at the end of September or early October. This is a well-known festival that celebrates beer. This is particularly made and is different equally in flavor and alcohol content of the usual variety of beer. People from all above the world come to join in the event and there are Beer Tents set up where people assemble to enjoy and have a nice time together.

Carnival in Germany - February

The festival is also famous Mardi Gras and sees a huge parade with people dressed in colorful & bright costumes and donning colorful engraved masks. This was formerly a Pagan festival but in recent times the event has changed its character and has gone on to comprise some Christian ele3mts and the festival also sees some representation of political satires.

Berlin Marathon

This event takes situate during late September and the Marathon course is the fastest Race Course and the Marathon takes place in different parts and the marathon sees participation from a varied crowd like children, wheel chair riders and right runners. Many athletes from all over the world come here to take participate in the marathon and also have a nice time here.

Berlin Love Parade

Berlin Love Parade is a extremely essential festival and the event dates back to 1989 and it intends to support peace, love and international understanding during music. The parade takes place in the central of July. The parade is characterized by open roof trucks that generally signify the local clubs. One would also find DJs playing the console for the common crowd collected here.