Chinese New Year Dates

Chinese new year dates may vary each year depending upon the Chinese new year calendar but the Chinese new year celebration lasts for long 15 days as usual. The Chinese new year dates play an important part for travelers because during these few celebration days, it is an official holiday.

China is a popular tourist destination for many travelers and a prominent business trading spot for many businessmen but during the Chinese new year dates, the city is closed and everyone is engaged in celebrating and welcome of a new year with great pomp and splendor. Well, if you are planning to make a trip to china especially to see and enjoy the celebration in china, make sure to book your tickets at the earliest in order to avoid unavailability.

Whereas, many Chinese people residing in china itself start planning their day before the Chinese new year dates as the market is flooded with numerous gifts, apparels, accessories and other traditional decoration stuff that symbolize good luck, unity, dignity, success and beauty. Alike Diwali in India, Chinese people, make sure to clean their houses thoroughly on Chinese new year because it is believed that cleaning your home sweeps away all the bad luck and impurities, brining in good luck and success.

Chinese New Year Date 2014

Chinese new year date 2014, is expected on Friday, 31 January. Chinese new year is an occasion for thanksgiving and sharing good times together with family and friends. The day is an official holiday in china. The traditional celebration is a way to give honor to our ancestors, gods and our religion. Chinese new year date 2014 is going to be a special date for all the Chinese people out there because it brings good luck, success and dignity to the entire family. Various performances live Chinese parade, activities, games and live shows are organized on this day for celebration. Countries like china and nearby cities celebrate this day at a huge scale whereas in india, the celebration level is a bit low when compared to other countries.

Chinese new year is celebrated in china alone, but it is now being celebrated all over the world with great joy and enthusiasm because many Chinese people are living in countries like united states, Canada, Nepal, Vietnam, Korea and south east Asia. Not only, the day is celebrated by millions of people around the world and viewed as the most significant ancient Chinese holidays because f the traditional Chinese parade that seems really interesting.

Chinese lunar new year 2014 is on Friday, January 31, 2014. Many people have started planning for this occasion as it is the longest festival all over the world and the preparations for this 15 day festival takes a lot of time. The upcoming Chinese new year 2014 is an official holiday for many countries in including Singapore, Malaysia, china, Hong Kong and Indonesia, so if you are planning a trip to one of thee places, it is advised to book your tickets at the earliest. To make your Chinese new year vacations interesting, these countries have started planning to work on various Chinese feasts, events, activities and games for kids as well as adults.