Chinese New Year Clothing

In various parts of china people wear customary costumes on the New Year's Day and welcome their parents and grandparents. This is an easy yet a considerate way to join the family bond. Chinese New Year clothing for women from cheongsams, qipaos, mandarin blouses to jackets and pants.

On new year occasion Chinese man attire, Mandarin shirts with Mandarin collars, Dragon shirts, Kung Fu suits & Chinese coats are few of the renowned Chinese New Year Costumes. The Chinese New Year Costume show the proper spirit of an immortal line "A garden filled of the beauty of spring cannot be disallowed from being enjoyed." Lots of the designs on the New Year clothes are good fortune symbols or mythological scenes.

In the previous times the two mainly trendy and essential accessories for men were belt hooks and plaques, as for the women, hair decorations with pins and combs were important for their appearance. Chinese new year is an auspicious occasion for all the Chinese people as it celebrates the beginning of a fresh new year ahead. The Chinese new year brings lots of happiness, good luck, lighting many of the ancient practices and traditions alive.

Among many other Chinese new year traditions, one of the most popular ones is dressing up. In china, every Chinese is seen dressed up in color red as the color red is related to fire and it drives away all the bad luck and negativities. The Chinese new year costumes are mainly designed with an effort to create clothes that are rich in color red and signify the main Chinese symbols. The Chinese costumes are specially tailored and then worn by people. Additionally, most of the Chinese get a complete make over, especially a hair cut before the arrival of Chinese new year to welcome the new year in tradition and style.

The creation of Chinese new year clothes is unique in its own way and it is important to maintain the sanctity of the ancient time and tradition. When it comes to choose clothing for women, there is a large range of variety for women clothing to choose from but on the other hand, for men, there is a limited addition and style of clothing themselves. Women can be found in traditional single piece long dress whereas men are normally found in jackets and pants.