Chinese New Year Cards

In China, the inhabitants greet all other on the occasion Chinese New Year by wishing Guo Nian Hao, which means Happy New Year. This is because its a dragon year. The year 2014 is the year of the horse on the Chinese lunar calendar and started on January 31, 2014. Kids learn about the history and sense behind Chinese New Year signs towards the card.

The most common forms of greetings that Chinese welcome each other with are: Gongxi facai; Hokkien Keong hee huat chye which means, "Congratulations and be victorious". Chinese new year cards convey your warm new year wishes to your loved ones. These cards are a part of New Year celebration as they fill your loved ones heart with new hopes, fresh thoughts, and new opportunities. If you are away from your loved one and cannot make this year to visit your home place and celebrate Chinese new year, then, a Chinese new year can be your key source to wish all your near and dear ones a very happy Chinese new year.

New year in china is a big celebration filled with great joy and enthusiasm. To add a bit of taste and toast along with a bit of spice to your Chinese new year celebration, plan your party at the earliest inviting all your family members, friends, and relatives with a warm Chinese new year wishing card that conveys your love and affection towards them too. Chinese new year greeting cards help you convey your love and warm wishes on the special occasion. These cards can be created at home with your own hands too, as sending a homemade card to any of your loved one is said to be one of the perfect Chinese new year greeting cards.

Chinese New Year Greeting Cards

Sending a Chinese new year greeting card is a symbol of love and affection towards your closest ones. Well, creating a card at home is not a big deal, it's pretty easy and all you need to have is a good creativity skill along with a nice color combination knowledge so that you can end up creating a nice colorful and motivational yet attractive Chinese new year greeting card with Chinese symbols on it symbolizing good luck and charm for the receiver. Moreover, with the advent of internet and technology, the popularity and usage of online Chinese new year greeting cards have also increased across the world. People who stay far from their home place, can simply switch over to the web and send free Chinese new year greeting cards to your closest ones in just no time.
Chinese New Year Card Chinese New Year Card Chinese New Year Card Chinese New Year Card