Chinese New Year 2012

The chinese new year 2012 will begin on January 23. The year will be associate year of animal, Dragon. The calendar of china is based on lunisolar study which follows astronomical study of Chinese philosophy and calendar of Han culture. The day is count with relative movement of sun earth and moon.
The month starts with a new moon. Generally the New Year in china is a symbol of welcoming spring season. As the year start with the fall of winter solstice in china. The first day of calendar in china falls in between of January 20 to February 20.The calendar is based on rotation of sixty year cycle with 12 year of animal cycle. The animal tells the nature of year and associate people of same year according to their own characters. Every year have an animal symbol to represent.

The chinese new year calendar 2012 is associated with animal dragon. The animal dragon is an animal that is either considered a myth or a legend. For china, it is represented as an animal of empire and power, which is a symbol of success and happiness. The year 2012 in china would be associated with element wood that predicts strength and flexibility with the qualities of warmth, generosity, co-operation and idealism.

As tree is matter of growing stage and with association of animal Dragon, 2012 wood dragon will be a year of growth and prosperity. The New Year in china is a national holiday in country and regard as one of the major festival in china. The people will exchange greetings cards with one another. As the year is associated with dragon, so chinese new year cards will be focused on the picture of dragon.

Chinese new year 2012 is on Monday, 23 January 2012. This occasion is celebrated all over the world by millions of people with great pomp and splendor. Moreover, the Chinese new year is also one of the most significant occasions of the year celebrated since the ancient times. The specialty of this auspicious Chinese new year is the symbolization because according to the history, the Chinese new year is dedicated as a symbol of good luck and the entire decorations, food and traditional feasts make up a popular Chinese new year symbol. The 12 animals in the Chinese astrology are well known across the world, and each one of them has a different significance and symbolization. Similarly, during the Chinese new yea celebration, these 12 animal symbols are recognized as good luck charms for people.