Thanksgiving Day

Giving thanks is also an art and people who acknowledge it are really blessed ones. To celebrate the art of thanksgiving is a blessing in itself. Thanksgiving day is an annual holiday and is observed as a day of giving thanks and feasting. It occurs in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November and in Canada, it occurs on second Monday of October. Historically, it is the Pilgrims celebration of the good harvest of 1621.Thanksgiving day or better known as thanksgiving harvest day is a day of celebration and giving thanks. Thanksgiving day in usa is on November 27 and in canada it is on October 13, 2014.

Thanksgiving Celebration 2014

Thanksgiving celebration Includes thanks giving harvest party invitation, decoration, thanksgiving party crafts, thanks giving games and activities. Invitation ideas vary from person to person depending upon the guests who are going to be invited. This can be done using stamped leaf invitations, pilgrim hat made out of card stock or pre-printed invitations using themed card stock and printed on computer. It's really amazing to see that how people decorate their homes for the purpose of thanks giving party.

They decorate the home with thanking tree. They Get a branch from nature without any leaves and insert into a vase and secure it with sand or glass beads. Cut out paper leaves and let kids make a hole with a hole punch on one end of the leaf. Then they let them write down things they are thankful for. Write their names on the back. Hang and decorate the tree with the leaves. At dinner, let each child pick one of their own leaves and share what they are thankful for. This is one of the best parts regarding thanksgiving party. Thanksgiving party activity may include visiting a homeless shelter and serving the homeless people or visiting an elderly person and take his blessings. Thanksgiving tea and thanksgiving scents are presented as thanksgiving favors to the guests. Basically, Thanksgiving Day is a celebration in which people thank God for whatever they are and whatever they have.