Jewish Holidays

The Jewish holidays are celebrated in Israel officially and nationally and vacation days are set in accordance with them. Judaism has its own calendar, the Jewish calendar, which has 12 lunar months based on the cycle of the moon.

The Hebrew month starts with the first exterior of the new moon, the 15th of the month is when the moon is full and the month ends when the moon disappears. During each of these holidays there are righteous days, on which government offices and businesses are closed. Israelis lean to call Tishrei "the holiday period," and use their days off work to go on vacation. Jewish people symbolizes an ethno religious group, whose ethnicity, nationality and religion are closely interlinked.

The traditional faith of the Jewish nation is Judaism. There are 13.2 million Jews universal, according to the Jewish agency for Israel. While 5.4 million Jews are based in their homeland Israel, a thrashing 5.3 million Jews are situated in the U.S. and their remaining population is distributed around the world in diverse sizes of communities.

List of Jewish Holidays