International Workers Day

International Workers' Day which is also known as May Day is a celebrated entire the globe with great pomp and zeal. May Day's roots are much deep in American history. May Day is celebrated throughout the world as a public holiday. May 1 is considered as the international worker day by almost all the nations of the earth.

The workers of the globe celebrate this as a yearly holiday. This day is the result of a huge labor union movement; This day celebrates the economic and social achievements of workers. May 1 has various other names like Worker's day, Day of Kazak people's Unity, Eid el-Ommal, National Unification Day, etc.

Labor Day

The Eight-Hour Day movement is the beginning of this day. This movement favors eight hours of work, eight hours of rest, and eight hours of entertainment for workers everywhere. In Europe, this day has a much older meaning. This day is celebrated as a rural celebration, which is primarily more essential than the movement. This is now an international holiday and many countries hold multi-day celebrations.

Some of the countries conduct parades, patriotic and labour oriented actions, and shows and other actions on this day. Although this day has plenty names, but the spirit of them all is the same - to respect the workforce of the nation. Celebrations and traditions time have changed; so the way of celebrating the day has also changed too. Throughout the rest of the earth, there are rallies and marches held in different parts of the different countries. At present time celebration of May Day has a touch of ancient tradition and culture.