Holi, also called the celebration of Colors, is a popular Hindu spring festival. Holi is a crop celebration marking the peak of spring. Bonfires are lit, marking equally the end of winter and the death of evil, and proceeds from the seasonal harvest- grains, coconuts etc offered to the flames. The next day, dhulendi involves ample of colour throwing, prayer, fasting and feasting. People have enjoy throwing coloured and colourful water at each other, dancing and gambling over cards.

Holi Celebration

This year 2014 the holi festival is on Monday, 17th March 2014. The event of Holi is the celebration of colors in our lives. The festival has special aspects to its celebration. Like it is a celebration of good over sin, a festival of colors, a community festival, a secular festival and a tradition of ancient spring rites. The main carnival takes place on the full moon day of Phalguna.

The real spirit behind its festival is the community flavors of it that bridges the social gap. People of all class and religion color each other with gulal and other form of dyes. They also visit homes, share sweets and greet each other. Every one take part in dances and other cultural programs even it is men women child and adult. It's the only time of the year when roadside stalls all over the country bear tables enclosed with bags of colorful powder, called gulal.Holi, is the cheerful festival of color.

On the Holi day itself it's like a festival of colors. People exchange good wishes, sweets and gifts. It is a festival of romance frequently represented by the love-play of Radha and Krishna. It is the spirit of Holi, which binds them together. People from different state comes jointly to enjoy the colors of life.

Holi Celebration