Navratri Garba

Navratri festival has celebrated with great enthusiasm and devoted in all over India. This festival is equally enjoyed by the people of Gujarat. Now this dance is also famous in the most part of India. They are very excited during the navratri festival. The holy festival has celebrated by performing the puja and dandiya raas or garba.

The navratri garba is basically folk dances of Gujarat and performed by only women and dandiya raas has performed by men and woman together. At the dandiya raas, men and women wear colorful dresses and join the dances in circle and carry colorful dandiya sticks. The navratri garba symbolizes worship of goddess Durga.

Navratri Garba Songs

Navratri Garba is the most vibrant and colorful form of the dance. Both men and women performers would dress themselves in colorful and magnetically attractive customary attire. During the festive time of navratri, garba dance performances start at the night. The performances have prearranged by different clubs and committees. During the garba, the participants get together at an open space, a club or at street corners.

They situate in a circle, around a statue of the goddess that has kept in the center. The garba is really a ritual in which everyone can take part irrespective of caste or social position. The dances are attended by drums also called dholak and the singing women. The navratri garba songs are often history and melodious and have been handed down through generations. It continues to be a fertility dance in spirit. Today, it is a community dance at all levels of society. There are various navratri garba songs that people can find for this great occasion. They can easily find it online and also download.