Navratri Fast

Navratri festival is full of lights, joy and festivity and people of Hindu civilization celebrate this with devotion and enthusiasm throughout India. The festival has carried on for ten days, but last four days are very significant. Devotees of goddess Durga keep navratri fast on the event of nine day long navratri puja celebrations every year with full faith and sincerity.

The reason of keeping fast is to propitiate Durga Maa and seek her delightful blessings. Having been consistently carried out since ages during the festival of navratri, the fast has become an essential part of the festival.

Navratri Fast Procedure

From the first day of navratri puja, people take bath in the morning and evening during this time and some even drink water only after the ritual bath in the morning. The devotees take only a single meal during the puja day. The fast has broken only on the Ashtami or Navami day. Some devotees usually drink only milk during the fasting days while some only live on fruits. Men deny to shave during when they observing fast. Some people also believe in sleeping on the ground and they deny themselves all luxuries and comforts.

Navratri Fast Recipes

Navratri is the festival where lot of people observes fast. During the fast they can rarely eat lot of traditional dishes. But also there are lot of dishes which has prohibited to eat even salt is restricted to sendha namak. During the festival there is lot of religious navratri fast recipes prepared according to the religion. In addition to all these restrictions there is great range of navratri recipes such as Aloo Khichdi, Boondi Ka Raita, Dal Stuffed Puri, Kaddu Ke Sabzi, Kele Ke Kofte, Kottu Pakora, Saboodana Vadaa, Singhara Ke Burfee and many more. These dishes are equally yummy as normal dishes.