Parties are a social phenomenon through which people come closer, organize get- togethers, and celebrate life on various festivals and occasions. Parties are organized so that people could take a time out from their hectic schedule and enjoy with their near and dear ones. Actually, a party is a gathering of people who have been invited by a host for the purposes of socializing, conversation, and recreation.

Some parties are held in honor of a specific person, day, or event. Such parties are often called celebrations. Around the world, Christmas party, New Year party, Halloween party, Valentines Party, Birthday Parties is organized to celebrate the respective occasions with the people we love. A party is not necessarily a private occasion. Sometimes, Public parties are held in pubs and bars, and people attending such parties are charged an admission fee by the host.

Party Around the World

Around the world, people who love partying find a reason to organize it. A birthday party is a celebration of the anniversary of the birth of the person who is being honored. Birthday parties are an important feature of many cultures. Like in Western cultures, particularly in the United States and Australia, birthday parties are often accompanied by colorful decorations, such as balloons and streamers.

A birthday cake is often served with candles that are to be blown out after a "birthday wish" has been made by the guests. New Year party is dropped to welcome the coming New Year. In the same way, Valentine party is seen as the celebration of love. Christmas Party is the celebration of the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. Halloween party is yet another secular celebration in which people enjoy the essence of life. No doubt, A Party means fun for all.