Muslim Holidays

Muslims in India observe all the Islamic festivals that are celebrated in other parts of the world. Additionally to the festivals, the days commemorating shrines in India and death anniversaries of saints, are also observed with religious fervor. All the Muslim observances and festivals in India follow the Islamic calendar, which has fewer days than the solar year.

Therefore, each year, the dates of Muslim festivals keep changing. The important Muslim festivals, which are celebrated in India, include Ramzan (Ramadan), Muharram, Id-e-Milad and Bakr-Id. The celebrations of the auspicious occasions are marked by individual prayers offered in mosques, fasting, feasting and exchange of wishes.

Ramzan finds special place in the calendar of events. Holiday is declared in government offices and educational institutions, on the occasion of Ramadan. Bakra-Eid is the 'feast of sacrifice', celebrated from the tenth to the twelfth day in the Islamic month of Dhul Hijjah. Celebrated after the fasting month of Ramzan, Ramadan covers a number of rituals that are performed on specific time. Muharram memorializes the martyrdom of Prophet Mohammed's grandson, Imam Hussain. Go through our related section to know more about Muslim festivals celebrated in India.

List of Muslim Holidays