Chinese New Year

Chinese new year is the biggest 15 day celebration according to the Chinese new year calendar that usually falls in the months of January and February. The upcoming Chinese new year is special for all the Chinese because it marks the 'year of the rooster'. However, the date of Chinese new year may differ each year but the difference in date is slight and the celebration is usually expected in the months of January and February.

Normally, the date for the occasion is decided according to the Chinese new year calendar which is a combination of both solar and lunar calendar. The Chinese new year is the biggest festival of the year in china and it symbolizes various Chinese characters and symbols that signify good luck and sweeps away all the bad luck from your home and life.

Additionally, the Chinese new year astrology, comprises of animal characters like rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, cat, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, dog and boar and these are considered to be auspicious for people who believe in Chinese astrology.

Chinese New Year 2021

The Chinese Lunar New Year 2021 is fast approaching, and as usual, it will be a special time for Chinese of the world over to come together and celebrate the day with traditional and cultural activities and great enthusiasm. The official Chinese New Year 2021 will be observed on January 28, and will be a year of the Rooster.

To celebrate this 15-day grand festival, there are made lots of decoration, feasting, and various traditional and cultural activities essentially including the Dragon and Lion Dances. The luckiest color Red, and other bright colors will be worn during the festival to flow with the upbeat and festive mood. These colors will be seen in nearly every article and item related with the new year celebrations, whether it be clothes and dressing, decorations, or any other festive item or activity. Traditionally, the dragon and lion dances are believed to be a popular and excellent means for praying for the good luck, and drive away all evil spirits from home, life, and society. More interesting pieces of information about the chinese new year are presented in the paragraphs below.

On the day of the official chinese new year 2021, there will be an official holiday in many other countries of the world besides China; these countries include Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. As the celebrations of the chinese lunar new year last for as many as 15 days, this festival of China is regarded as being the longest festival in the whole world. Naturally, preparations for celebrating and enjoying this occasion, will take lots of time and other resources. Chinese people residing in countries all across the world, such as USA, Korea, Canada, Vietnam, Nepal, and many countries of the South-East Asia, either go to China for chinese new year celebrations or celebrate this occasion in the respective country of residence. So, booking your tickets for the celebrations should be made quite early to avert the rush and hassles.