Friendship Day Date

Celebrating friendship day has become a tradition in almost every part of the world. Everyone has a friend that is indeed special. Friendship day is a day honoring friends all over the world. this day, friends exchange friendship day messages, cards and gifts among each other conveying their love, affection and care for each other. The idea of honoring friendship has been appreciated by one and all and is celebrated in many countries with great pomp and show.

Friends either get together and party or plan a holiday travel with each other to enjoy to the maximum and spend a joyous time together that will never come again, friendship day is celebrated on the first Sunday of august and the tradition of celebrating it on every first Sunday of august has been practiced since years and years. According to some people, this tradition is new and an outcome of modernization but this is not the truth.

The tradition of devoting one day to friends started off long back in the 1935 in United States. True friends are a rare treasure and there are many examples of this rare treasure that can be found on the friendship day when you see a couple of friends celebrating friendship day cheerfully and joyfully.

Friendship Day Date 2014

Friendship day date is observed on the first Sunday of august every year. It is the most awaited occasion for the friends where the idea of celebrating friendship day is joyfully accepted by friends by either partying or just spending a joyful time with friends at your or his place. The friendship day date 2014 will be observed on August 3 and the surprising part is that people have already started planning for the day to make it a memorable one. The exchange of gifts, flowers, friendship bands and greeting cards is a common practice among friends.

With the advancement in technology, now people can easily send their friendships day wishes and gifts across the internet in just a few seconds of time to any part of the world. Online greeting cards are available on the internet for free which can be used to convey your day wishes to your loved one. On the other hand, there are many online florist stores and other gift galleries from where you can pick your friendship day gift and order to be sent in any part of the world. so, what are you planning this year for your treasured friend.