St Valentine Day

St valentine's day which is commonly known as valentine's day celebrated on February 14 in all over the world. It was first originated in Rome about AD 270 and then it was named after in the names of Christians. There are numbers of mysteries behind this but most of the people believe that when St valentine, a Roman martyred on refusal of his Christianity on February 14 , 269 AD.

People love to express their feelings and exchange their greetings towards each other on this day. Everyone including boys, girls and middle age people send flowers, cards and sweets on a special day like valentine's day. Since a long time ago, valentine's day flowers are immensely popular till now among all. Love is inevitable on this day when everybody gets a chance to convey their feelings and emotions to their partner.

Saint Valentine's Day History

Saint valentine's day or valentine's day has great history to its credit and its named after the martyr called St valentine, who died on February 14, 269 A.D. In ancient Rome, people honor the queen Juno and she is the queen of Roman Gods and Goddesses. Since then, it has been a rage among all to celebrate valentine's day on every February 14.

On this day, young boys and girls are just inseparable as they don't want to miss the chance of making love to each other. St valentine's day was primarily a festival of Christians around the world but day by day more and more numbers of people have drawn towards to this beautiful and lovely event called valentine's day. At that time, young boys and girls are living separately and never got a chance to express their love and feeling towards each other but after the arrival of valentine's day its evident that everybody got a chance to go beyond the limit and express their hearts to their partners. So, st valentine's day is one of the beautiful and most important event in every young's lives.