Valentine's Day SMS

A day dedicate to true love, a session that brings happiness and comfort to lovers while celebrating their love with great enthusiasm and excitement. It is a day when every love confesses his true love and caring to his soulmate. Offering gifts, exchanging greeting cards and spending loving session with soulmate are some of the most regular activities that lover bring into charge on the event of valentine's day. Here we bring you with valentine's day sms with worthy and valuable greeting wordings thata you can share with your lover and soulmate.

Romantic Valentine Day SMS

SMS - short message services in form of text or images would help you while conveying your message to your recipient. Here, under this section of 365celebration, we bring you with some of the best romantic valentine day sms that you can share with your love and soulmate while celebrating the event of valentine day. Thus, have a look at below here you will find list of best romantic valentine day sms.

  1. Love is like a clover that brings comfort to life, I start smiling and caring when I think of you. Happy Valentine Day
  2. Valentine Day, a start of new day with loving sunshine, after dull and fake dawn, there is hope waiting for our loving life. Happy Valentine Day.
  3. Love that make a life heaven that does not estimate with immensity or size, it is infinite in number that shine every time, Yes I am in love... happy valentine day.
  4. I look at your deep eyes where I see the stars, I look at your smile where I fly When I watch your lips and inflamed me that proves my love with endless, I'll love you forever!
  5. When I look at the sky, it is only you that shines, it makes my heart on, I love u. happy valentine day.
  6. I love you, without meaning to, without looking, and now I wonder what the first to know. Happy Valentine's Day!
  7. Today for the first time I realized I am no longer dreaming of the girl I love, but I'm loving the girl of my dreams; I love you! Wishing Happy Valentine Day
  8. My Valentine is 365 each year that shared with you because every day is a day of love thanks to exist only for me. Happy Valentine Day.
  9. It is shortly to the feast of love. Thoughts, dreams, desires, chocolates, cakes, care packages, flowers; to you my kiss. Best Wishes On occasion of valentine day.
  10. You are the most beautiful flower that has blossomed in the meadow of my heart endless!
  11. Valentine's Day; a day that makes my love closer to me and brings my soul nearest to my soulmate that shows how much I love you and how special you are to me that only because of true love and thanks to be my soulmate. I love you!
  12. It's valentine day to share warm kisses and hugs, time to turn on and express true love and care to soulmate. Happy Valentine Day.