Valentine Roses

Roses have been most prominently and closely connected with the expression and avowal of love since the ancient times. There are a great many legendary stories of famous kings, queens, monarchs, and numerous other powerful and influential dignitaries, and also of the general common people, that describe the presentation of rose or roses to their respective beloved one, for these purposes.

The first written reference of flower rose dates back to the 3000 B.C. in today's Iraq. Therefore, Valentine's Day roses are globally accepted and highly commended, traditional means of expressing deep and passionate feelings of genuine love. Owning its name from the Latin word Rosa, meaning red, the flower rose has become the unanimous and universal symbol of love, and hence, the most famous and popular category of flowers, for valentine's day celebrations.

All types of roses (roses with different hues) are quite popular for valentine's day presentations. However, the symbolical meanings and implications carried by different roses vary slightly from culture to culture in all across the world. Owing to their great and elusive beauty, delicacy, sensuous fragrance, the fresh and lively roses in general, have become the most prominent and popular choice for the promising occasion of Valentine's Day. A red rose symbolizes great passion, perfection, romantic love, and grace; pink rose symbolizes elegance, grace, and joys; yellow rose denotes true friendship, congeniality, and happiness; while the white rose is the symbol of innocence, purity, and great peace. Again, an orange rose signifies great enthusiasm and passion; a coral rose expresses ambition and fascination; the lavender rose implies enchantment; while the lilac and purple rose declares love at first sight! Thus, every type of rose is precious and special for the Valentine's Day celebrations.

Valentine's Day Red Roses

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