December Month Celebrations

December is a month of parties, dances, enjoying of some traditional activities. It has a variety of holidays, spanning religious, cultures and just people in general. As the winter season, the month filled with many religious holidays and also most traditional holidays as Christmas that observed by people in many part of the world with equal spirit.

The celebrations in this month is also important that the not anyone shares the beliefs of the majority. December month holidays can be challenging and most joyful, it gives people around the world lots festive pleasures. Apart from most celebrated festival Christmas, there are also various holidays and activities generally occurred in this month. That is worldwide candle lighting day, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, world AIDS month, human rights day and many other holidays. By the way, the advent of December marks the mood for merrymaking and long vacations and it is a time to start two big celebrations as Christmas and starting of New Year that observed in whole world with same fortitudes and gusto. This month celebration also give opportunities to long lasting leave. Most people also have a preference to going to trip to far destinations.

List of December Month Celebrations

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