Lunar New Year

Lunar new year starts on the primary new moon of the new year. Chinese, Koreans, and Vietnamese observed the Lunar New Year. The occasion takes place during the first three days of the first lunar month. It is entirely based on the moon's rotation around the earth.

The name of lunar year is after the 12 Earthly Branches with names like zi, Chou, Yin, Mao and so on. To make it simple for the common people, they associate an animal with every of the branch. For example Zi is show the Rat, Chou is Ox, Yin is Tiger, Mao is show rabbit etc. This cycle is come every 12 years. Each year is mark by a singular animal.

Lunar new year is also known as the Chinese new year and on this special occasion every year all the family members pay their visits to their hometowns but for most youngsters, it is the best time to go off for skiing or travel abroad. The only thing that upsets people is that people have to wait for hours and line up to buy bus and train tickets. However, the tickets go on sale about 3 months prior to the New Year holidays but due to heavy demand of bus and train tickets, people have to line up for hours as the amount of travelers are comparatively during the lunar new year.

Lunar New Year 2021

8th February 2021 is the first day of chinese lunar new year held on Monday. It is the year believed as year of Monkey. The chinese new year that is famous for about fifteen days is one moment in the year when the entire nation feels combined as they can imagine each other's pleasure. In 2021, the Chinese Lunar New Year event would start from 8th of February.

Lunar new year also known as Chinese new year is the most celebrated and important day amongst Chinese holidays. Lunar new year 2021 is soon approaching and it will surely bring good luck for all. When it comes to food, the recipes and tradition of lunar new year food is completely different. The food and cuisines prepared on this day especially symbolize good luck, charm and harmony.