Lohri Celebration

Lohri festival is one of the most popular and joyous festivals of Punjabis belonging to the India sub-continent. However, now this harvest festival is also celebrated very enthusiastically in many other States of India, which are mentioned in the lower section of this web-page. Besides being a festival closely related with the agricultural harvest, this lohri festival also bears some cultural, gregarious, and social significance.

Traditionally related with the harvest of the Rabi crops, this lohri celebration is generally made a day before the Makar Sankranti, i.e on January 13 of the Gregorian calendar, every year. Celebrated in the Hindu month of Paush, Lohri marks the end of the coldest days of the winter season. The ways of lohri celebration in india are separately described in the lower section. Here, it is noteworthy that besides being a long-awaited and great occasion to farmers, Lohri is also immensely popular among people residing in urban areas and cities, as it gives a wonderful opportunity for family gatherings and interactions among them in the whole year. Thus, Lohri is certainly a sumptuous yearly festival for meeting one's near and dear ones, celebrate and rejoice the togetherness with folklores and feast, and well-wishing to friends and relatives for success and prosperity in life. Wishing a very happy and delightful lohri 2021 to all our Indian visitors!

Lohri Celebration 2021 in India

This section gives information about all traditional activities, rituals, dishes, and ways of celebrating lohri, especially the lohri festival 2021, in many States of India. In addition to Punjab, this festival is now also hugely popular in States of Haryana, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Jammu. Celebration of Lohri covers a rather wide range of diverse traditional rituals and activities, the most prominent among these are --- lighting the ritualistic bonfire in the chilling evening, singing folklores and songs around the bonfire, wearing new and brightest clothes, dancing Bhangra and Gidda on the beats of Dhol, collective rejoice and entertainment, and feasting on traditional handmade dishes, Sarson-Da-Saag and Makki-Di-Roti being the main item at a Lohri dinner.

For children, Lohri is a long-awaited opportunity for high and huge excitement and opulent amusement. In the early morning they traditionally visit to neighboring houses and collect the Lohri 'loot', which generally includes sweets, a variety of snacks (such as rewri, til, gajak, jiggery, peanuts, etc.) and money. Wishing and sending the personalized warm Lohri greetings and fancy Lohri gifts to one's near and dear ones, are also common. Our website has been presenting a rich stock of Lohri greeting cards and SMS every year, for wishing a warm and happy Lohri to family members, friends, and relatives. Here, it may be noted that, the folklores sung during Lohri, are all about expressing sincere gratitude to land and the good harvest season, and other natural elements of water, fire, and wind. Lighting bonfire is also for the purpose of making payers to Lord Fire. It is thought that these all natural and powerful forces and elements can promote abundance of crops and well-rounded prosperity in life.