Scary Halloween Party

Halloween is all about scary and monster looks. It is the concept of vampire parties that is full of witch and horror ambience. It is the time to hide your identity while making with vampire make up and decorating your face with horror make up. Well, at the same time, the halloween party could be an excellent opportunity for an evening with friends and fun to dress up your home in a new way. It all depend upon your theme, to what extend you want your halloween part would be.

Here under this section of 365celebration, we bring you with scary Halloween party where you can give vampire looks to your party decoration including wall hanging decor items should be skeleton, vampire table clothes, window clothes should be like monster types and be sure to put wild bushes and horror faces at different places of party premises to fill the environment with witches ambience.

Scary Halloween Party Games

The level of scary of halloween party is mostly depend upon activities that you want to involve in your halloween party. Here we bring you with scary halloween party games that can carry on while having a great fun and joy while celebrating with halloween session.

Killer Hide and Seek : Its same like as hide and seek but quite different from some aspects. Under this, one person is killer and other are victims. Here killer person needs to locate the victim and the last remain person who is victim is the winner. Under this all lights are off and horror music is going down.

Murder in the Dark : Cut paper slip with uniform size and write killer on one of it and remain the other as blank. Mix them, all the participates select any of the slip and light gets off. The person who gets killer slip will choose any person and whisper in his or her ear that you are dead. That person lie on the floor and counts till 20, after counting he or she suppose to act as death scene. Then lights gets on and every participate needs to guess who would be the killer. If he or she gets wrong in guessing then that person would be dead and if he or she would be right then game is over.

Halloween Portraits : Divide the team into four groups and hand over each group with a bag constitutes of items and some stuffs. Using of that stuffs each group use to make a scene of murder. After making a scene by different groups; the host of game will analyze the scene and examine to what extent will depict the act. The group with more clarity and abstract will win the game. It is the game with creative and funny mind.