Halloween Party

Halloween is a day dedicate to dead celebration. It is the night of Christian feast before the day of all saints day. Halloween party is being celebrated since 16th century when all Scottish used to celebrate the night before all sacred day.

It is a special evening when everyone prays for the recent departed souls from the earth. It the evening to honor all the saints and give respect and pray to god for all recent souls to reach heaven. This is one of the vampire parties being celebrated all across the Europe. Since 16th century it is celebrated in the same manner and pattern where people used to make up as ghost and vampire to pray to their sacred God.

During halloween party, it is essential to have vampire make up and to wear like dragon. As halloween party is mainly about thrilling celebration under the scary ghost's night of bats. Every year, halloween party is celebrated on the night of October 31 with full customs and complete traditions. People usually wear masks and make up their face to add more horror to the party. On the rising demand of halloween costumes, now you will find hundreds of shops and stores that are offering different dresses and costumes with vampire looks at best prices. Here below we brings you with some suggestions about make up that would turn your halloween party celebration as one of the wonderful events of life time.

Tips about how to make up as per horror wise:
  1. First to pale your face with white color in order to make your skin ceramic.
  2. Give purple eye shadow to your eyes and cover the eyes with dark black circles. Take red color and use to make over eyelid. This combination of red inside and black outside would make you fill with ghost looks. If you need to put buzz over the more vampire looks then you can add purple glitter blacks and mascara in order to look more glamorous.
  3. Get decorate your lips as look like as it is bleeding. Use lipstick as you normally used and use red paint on the edge of lips as it looks it is bleeding.
  4. Now lastly, get ready with sharp nails to look more vampire looks. Take red or black nail polish and make over on your nails. Here you can also artificial or fake nail polish and put nail polish over it. All these styles and trends would make you fit for halloween party.