Easter History of Easter

Eater is a holiday surrounding the Christ's death and resurrection is an important festival in the Christian calendar that is celebrated with traditions since the ancient years. Every year, millions of people celebrate Easter around the world by following the traditions adopted from their ancestors which depict the history of Easter.

The history of easter dates back around 2000 years, before Christianity. Apart from easter Sunday, the festival comprises of easter Monday and good Friday too which complete make up grand festive holidays for Christians as well as non-Christians.

As far as the origin of easter is concerned, easter celebrates the resurrection of lord Jesus. The easter Sunday is called the day of his crucifixion. Christ rose from the dead. Mourners went to his tomb to collect his body but he was not there. The mourners were greeted by an angel, he said 'He is Risen'. Easter is typically a spring festival and is a central event celebrated annually among the Christians. It is the oldest and most important movable feast when Christians go to the church and practice the customs and traditional rituals adopted by the Christian ancestors. The day easter not only has its origin but the easter symbols and practices done of the easter day also have their own significance and origin.

With the changing of time, Easter converged with three traditional cultures of Pagan, Hebrew and Christian. According to history of early eighth century, Easter originated from word Eostre that means Goddess of spring of Anglo Saxon group. Eostre was celebrated at the vernal equinox, a day when day and night are equal in length. The Christian used words Easter common to word Eostre, so that matching in name would attract society to accept Christian as it is closer to their faith. According to other historians, Easter is related with the festival of Hebrew tradition, Passover.

Later Passover changed as a day of resurrection of Jesus because on the same time of Passover, incident took place. With commence of Easter, bunny is among the most common animal related to festival. The history of easter bunny originated in Germany around 17 century. The bunny carries a basket of colored eggs on eve of Easter. As bringing Easter eggs was practiced in some regions of Roman Empire in ancient periods also but it was recorded first in Germany. Later the festival changed its look and soon became famous in all over the world.