Christmas Wreath

Though the Christmas began 2000 years ago, the Christmas as it is celebrated today started during the Victorian era of the 1860's. Christmas is now celebrating all over world by decorating all over the place and gift giving. Christmas wreaths serve both the purposes. The history of Christmas wreath dates back to the ancient cultures of the Persian Empire and it was measured to be the symbol of importance, pride and success. Christianity and Wreaths have a close link.

Christmas wreath stands for a circle that has no beginning and end as it is treated as a symbol of God's eternity. Advent wreaths made with five color candles are frequently used by Christians for devotional purposes during the celebrations of Christmas. Three candles would be violet in color and one each would be a rose and white decorated candles.

Special christmas wreath are also made with Holly branches and red holly berries where the holly branches with thorns symbolize the thorn on Jesus Christ's crown while the red berry symbolizes the blood of Jesus. Nowadays, many modern wreaths forgo the traditional wreaths. Christmas wreath made with a variety of leaves, candies, chocolates, nuts, dry fruits, twigs, dry flowers, toys etc became most popular Christmas gift for children.

Recently costly gifts like gold and gem ornaments, watches, gift vouchers are crammed with christmas wreaths. These wreaths are also now becoming popular and used for gifting close relatives and intimate persons and also for business gifts. The wreath is an integral element of any home celebrating Christmas and you can have it during online shops with few clinks or even make your own Christmas wreaths, if you can spare few minutes.