Christmas Scene

A Christmas Scene is the touching and impressive picture or image, which serves to lift the festive spirits of Christmas, creating a greatly favorable ambiance in the room. You can easily and promptly create an appealing scene, using our any of marvelous Christmas scene setters. A Christmas scene or backdrop is created on the walls or at corners of the room of choice.

Our wide range of scenes or room rolls encompasses the impressive Christmas pictures; celestial snow pictures; refreshing winter landscapes; verdant winter trees; snow-capped winter mountain pictures; enthralling winter lake pictures; mild and generous Santa Claus; lively blossoming flowers; exotic winter scenes; and many other Christmas and winter scenes. First of all, select the most suitable and impressing Christmas scene, then compliment the scene with border rolls and add-ons, to create the desired Christmas backdrop in your room of choice.

Xmas Scene Setters

Create the most cherished Christmas scenes at your home, using our elegant and scintillating Christmas scene setters, to enjoy the festival to the best. There is a wide range of Christmas scene setters offered by us for creating the desired Christmas scenes and backdrops in your home. Each of these room rolls depicts touching, impressing, and enthralling Christmas scene or picture, to create a lifelike and exotic backdrop of your choice. Each of these Christmas room rolls are made of a light but tough and durable plastic, which readily and easily adheres even on the most smooth and sleekest surface by static pressure, and can also be further secured by sticky tacks. Border rolls and decorative add-ons are available as per the requirements of the room rolls.

Room Rolls, Border Rolls, and Add-ons, are collectively known as the Scene Setters. Scene setters are elegant decorative elements for adorning or decorating a room or hall, or a part of it using these, for a variety of purposes. Room Rolls are pieces of light plastic in many sizes, with the desired scene or picture printed on these.

The room roll with the desired scene or picture on it, is used to cover the wall or corner of a room or hall, in order to create a specific backdrop, for any special objective. Border rolls and add-ons are then used to complete the backdrop, and making it most scintillating.