Christmas Sayings

Sayings are the best wishes that make one with full of rejoice and comfort. Almost every festival stated with varied sayings and quotes. Here we bring you with christmas sayings that you can add on your cards, postcards, wallpapers and on any stuff that would convey the exact of merry christmas.

Xmas Saying and Quotes

Christmas sayings and quotes convey your favorable message to your recipients. These sayings and quotes of Christmas are well used for almost every age group while making their celebration a memorable one. Here below, we listed some of the best xmas saying and quotes that you can share with your near and dear once.

  1. This is the 1st Christmas together and I hope all those who will spend them always together! Loving Christmas greetings my life! I love you!
  2. I wish you all a Christmas full of happiness, joy and love. I hope that under the Christmas tree we can find a better world, without all this hatred and violence. Happy Christmas
  3. Xmas, a celebration of joy and friendship because friendship is the most precious gift that men can be greetings to all. Wishing happy peaceful and religious christmas celebration.
  4. Good year for every dream that you will realize, with warmth hug and sweet kiss, wish you very happy and prosperous Christmas blessings.
  5. My love to you best wishes to spend millions more Christmases together. Merry Christmas and happy new year love.
  6. Merry Christmas for every smile, every caress, Merry Christmas for this magic that fills the heart and makes us dream, in the hope that always returns the Christmas Greetings.
  7. Christmas is not only made of candied fruit, wreaths, holly or bright lights, but it did soften the hearts that know and love we show toward others.
  8. I wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with much love, good, joy, happiness that you do or that others give you. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas to all.
  9. This Christmas I will miss someone so dear to me, I make a Christmas card even though there is no more, but I know you hear this message of love and good wishes. Merry Christmas Mom, Merry Christmas Dad, I will always love best and I will take you forever in my heart, Merry Christmas to the new person came into my heart, thank you for the fabulous moments of happiness that you gave me. I do not know if I'll still give but thanks again to exist as long as you want and you can. Happy Christmas
  10. The Christmas many years ago, was a festival dedicated to Jesus and in that time the war ended, the fights ended, but today, in this world full of cruelty, this does not happen anymore. Christmas is now only a party to receive gifts, I say that this is not right, I think it's appropriate to spend Christmas with family and pass it successfully, without thinking about the gifts and I say this from my heart: it is simply a Christmas a better Christmas. Best wishes to all. Merry Christmas.