Christmas Mountain

The Christmas Mountains are Appalachian mountains with rounded peaks of varying heights ranging from 530m to 750m, located near the North Pole Stream, in the New Brunswick province of Canada. Arthur F. Wightman in the year 1964, was the first man to name these mountain peaks after the greatest Christian holiday and festival Christmas.

Located on the west of Big Bald Mountains and south of the Mount Carleton, these Christmas mountains divide the watershed of Miramichi from those of the Serpentine and Nepisiguit rivers. With few serpentine roads leading to the Christmas mountains, this scenic forest area has remained untouched and pristine till the year 1995, by any type of industrial operations.

Little Christmas mountains are spread in the south Brewster County of Texas, in the USA. These mountains together cover an extensive area of about 15 square mile, and rise up to a height of about 1500m. These Little Christmas mountains are easily visible when looking eastwards from the highway TX-118. These Little Christmas mountains are of great interests to the mountain climbers of the surrounding areas.

Xmas Mountain Golf

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of the Wisconsin Dells, Christmas Mountain Golf commands the great and exclusive facilities of the 27-hole prestigious championship golf courses, and boasts of the 4-stars award given by the Golf Digest. The Christmas mountain village is one of the famous and popular golf and ski resorts in its continent. Xmas mountain village is just a short ride away from Madison and Milwaukee, situated cozily almost in the center of Wisconsin Dells.

Cross country skiing is well facilitated in the Christmas mountain village. It also offers facilities for boarding and tubing. And, its placid and exotic wooded resorts surrounded by refreshing greenery of the countryside, have been drawing a large number of golf and ski enthusiasts and other holiday vacationers from all across the surrounding continents.