Solar New Year

Solar new year is the most popular today. The solar new year calendar contains of 365 days and is occasionally extended by an additional day to form a leap year. This calendar shows the revolution of Earth around the sun to measure time.

The solar new year festival traditionally starts on the first day of the first month of the year. Solar New Year is considered a major holiday in many country. In Thailand, solar new year and solar new year calendars are given official status and importance. The two types of solar years are:

Sidereal Year : It is considered in relation to the background begins and dates show the zodiacal constellation near which the sun can be found. Sidereal year is normally referred as 365 days, 6 hr, 9 min, 9.5 sec of mean solar time. Because of the precession of the equinoxes, it is 20 minutes longer than the tropical year and it is believed that due to this reason, the sidereal year is does not match up with the seasons.

Sidereal Solar Calendars

The Hindu Calendar is the based on the Sidereal Solar Calendar. It is generally 365 days long and an additional day adds to form a leap year. The 12 solar months are known with one of six seasons, two months per season. Every month signifies a specific zodiac sign. These are used in fortune-telling and holds great significance in dissimilar religions. This calendar can also make utilize of lunar months. Thus, Hindu calendar is also recognized a Lunisolar Calendar.

Solar New Year Celebrations 2021

The Gregorian Calendar is the broadly used calendar at present time. It contains of 12 lunar months separated into four seasons. It is both a lunar and a solar calendar. Other Tropical Solar Calendars are the Iranian, Coptic and Baha'i calendars. Tropical calendars are one of the most popular type of calendars.