Rakhi to India

Nowadays, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated not only as a ritual but also as an opportunity of family get together and group entertainment. Children enjoy the festival the most. They get new apparels, sweets, new toys, and their favourite chocolates. Each of their demands is fulfilled by their elder sisters, if they have got one. Brothers and sisters gather together and spend the day with kith and kins.

They exchange gifts, share sweets and tasty dishes and spend the time in fun and frolics. Initially, the Rakhi festival was meant to offer protection to the sisters by their brothers. Even today brothers feel obliged to this ritual and do commit themselves to this untold promise of supporting their sisters whenever she may need their support. Raksha Bandhan is approaching fast. It is celebrated on Shravan Purnima in month of August every year and is due on 10th of August this year. This festival is celebrated nearly all over India by people of all races and generations. The ritual has it that sisters tie a Rakhi thread on brothers' wrist and brother promises her of life long security and safety from all ills and evils.

With the varying time, the way with which the festival was celebrated in earlier years has also changed now. It still possess the same ethics but with a developed form of festivity, celebration, and enjoyment. Generally it is a holiday in India and the most awaited day for family get together. Sisters visit their brothers or brothers visit their sisters and they all sit together, in presence of senior members of the family, perform the ritual and then enjoy the time with fun and frolic. Children love this celebration mainly as they get new apparels, toys and a lot of sweets and chocolates to eat. Now, there are special Rakhi is for Kids which pleases them most on the occasion.

Raksha Bandhan Festival