Republic Day Chief Guest

The celebration of Republic Day is marked by a major military parade held at New Delhi from Presidential House to Red Fort. It is attended by numerous Indian politicians along with a chief guest who comes from other nation to visit top of state. In the national capital, Delhi, pomp and spectacle of the day is to see.

Commencement of the day starts with present of flowery wreath at the Amar Jawan Jyoti, India Gate by prime minister. It is followed by two minutes peace in the reminiscence of anonymous soldiers. Every year, India invites a chief and special guest from other countries in honor for the republic day. Since 1950, India has been hosting such chief guests. The guest country is selected according to consideration of strategic, economic and political interests. Republic day is also observed by Indian missions and communities around the world.

Republic Day India 2021 Chief Guest

Republic Day festival has become an essential part of every Indian's life and it has become famous globally and people around the world come to catch the glance of celebration. The parade is especially colorful and vibrant with many forms of provincial dances and costumes can be seen. All three bodies of Indian force show their performance on this day including their art. The tradition of inviting the leader from the foreign nation as a chief guest for the Republic day has been held from 1950 and country invites every a chief guest from different countries to observe the grand festival.

The chief guest selection is completed on the basis of various factors such as business interests, diplomatic relations or geo-politics etc. There are many persons played the role of chief guests such as Jayewardene, Nelson Mandela, King Jigme Singye Wangchuk, King Birendra, Vladimir Putin etc. Such few persons were invited as chief guests. As every year, the India has also invited Yingluck Shinawatra, Thai PM, as a chief guest for 63rd Republic Day of India. Coming of Thai PM as gust is also importance because the country hosts India-Asian Summit in New Delhi. You can find lots of information regarding chief guests at our website.