Easter Bunny

The easter bunny in ancient legend is character same as Santa Claus during Christmas who bring colored filled eggs with candy and toys on the eve of Easter. The hare is among the most fertile animals in the world. The original bunny of Easter has deep relation with pagan equinox festival that predated Easter. The Anglo Saxon society devoted April month in the name of goddess of fertility and spring, Easter.

The earthy symbol of goddess is rabbit, so it becomes common symbol of fertility and rebirth. The eggs have long been associated with fertility. Ancient Jewish rituals used eggs in Passover festival as a symbol of rebirth. Scholar links pairing of colored egg with easter bunny as a culture associated with pagan belief.

During spring, days and night are equal and pairing of these two associates of sun and moon is a worshiping of both. Rabbit and eggs are symbol of moon and sun. Common to Santa Claus in Christmas, easter day bunny costume catches eye of most of people. Most suited colors of bunny in white color costume with a basket of colorful eggs are the quintessential image of Easter. The children wait eagerly for Easter so that the bunny would come with basket full of gifts.

Easter Day Bunny Costume

Easter day bunny costumes are the top purchased items on easter day. Mainly, schools prepare easter day activities, events and games for kids to cherish and enjoy the easter day with great fun and joy. Easter holidays, for kids are the most awaited holidays of the year. To many kids, easter is about wearing easter day bunny costumes and celebrate the day with traditions, fun and excitement. Nothing can be compared with easter day chocolates and easter bunny because they are the important elements of the easter day eve.

On the other hand, the easter day hunt is the most enjoyable part of the day and special games on this particular theme are designed for kids to relish and have fun in the e aster day bunny costume. If your kid too is interested in wearing an easter day bunny costume, make sure to search for best costume that fits him/her and has mittens, shoe covers to complete looks and keep your child away from the spring. Wearing a costume that has perfect looks, beautifully tailored, with all the detailing like whiskers and perfect bunny nose will not only make your kid happy but will also help your kid look the most attractive on the special occasion of easter.